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Property Management

General Property Management

Our Bahamian Escapes Lifestyle Group provides services to property management clients. This service is great for clients who travel for long amounts of time and need a management team to oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the property. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind that the “house duties” have been attended to seamleslly. With our premiere selection of partnership services, we have the ability to offer you security inspections, property inspections, hurricane prep, housekeeping, selection/supervision of repair contractors, garden/yard/beach maintenance, concierge services* and bill paying.


Vacation Rental Management

Our talented lifestyle group also provides a comprehensive rental management service to our clients. We believe in protecting your investment property and we take that very seriously. Allow our multi-talented team to manage the upkeep, servicing, inspections, as well as vetting renters. This service is particularly helpful for our US and European based clientele who own vacation homes here on the islands. They have trusted the Bahamian Escapes concierge team with the ins and outs of maintaining a well-kept vacation rental without a beat.