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Der Real Ting Review – A Production by Shakespeare in Paradise

Der Real Ting Review – A Production by Shakespeare in Paradise

Jaw dropping experience of Bahamian art

It was a lucky night! Without plan to attend, a phone call to the box office just two hours before start of the show allowed us to negotiate the last two front row tickets which were being held for another person (negotiating is what we do)!

We weren’t certain of what to expect considering we never attended a production by Shakespeare in Paradise. On time – not Bahamian time – the lights dimmed and the onstage band began to play just after we were warned “not to record any part of the copyrighted production.”

Three minutes in and incredibly impressed, the band continued as the first scene rolled in. John Williams (Osano Neely), Michael Williams (Dion Johnson) and the other characters wore costumes to reflect the different eras of the music by legendary Bahamian artist Mr Eddie Minnis. Without mistake or flaw, the Bahamian cast told us the story of two brothers that went through lust, love (including infidelity), political involvement, strict parents, moving to the islands and traveling back to busy ‘ole Nassau – a typical Bahamian life.

Though no where on planet earth during the years of their release, our team immediately recognized many of the popular songs performed. Some favorites were Money Can’t Done, Sugar Apple Guinep, Naughty Johnny, Never Satisfied, Nassau People, and Cry Baby.

Looking left to right throughout the night, it was certain that the entire room was entertained from opening to the casts’ bows. It was surely a theatrical performance to be seen on a Broadway stage in New York and across the world.

Congratulations to the entire Shakespeare In Paradise team!



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