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Artist Spotlight: Patricia Vazquez

Artist Spotlight: Patricia Vazquez

Patricia Vazquez is a Dutch photographer that resides in The Bahamas. Her photographs are idyllic images of island life as well its animal and plant life. It seems that Vazquez has chosen a world she cherishes and this is reflected in her photography.

Patricia Vazquez

What was the transition like, we wonder, from Vazquez’s natural Holland to the US and then finally to the Bahamas? Vazquez was 19 when she traveled to New York to learn English, that’s far to go to learn a new language, but she had a thirst for travel. She would go on to marry her Cuban husband and settle in Spain. As with many tourists, she holidayed in the Bahamas frequently before finally falling in love and staying put, leaving Spain behind.

Vazquez’s love for The Bahamas is most driven by the people, the ocean and the weather, and her husband feels most at home here. The Dutch weather can be as unpredictable as British weather, so living in the Bahamas is a complete contrast with tropical weather conditions most of the year round.

Vazquez is a photographer, but what inspired her to take it up? Vazquez says that the incredible sunlight in the Bahamas is what inspired her to experiment with her photography, although it was something she’d loved for many years. Macro photography was also inspired through her love of the island “you need the perfect light for that and it is one of my favorite kinds of photography.”

What’s also immediately obvious through talking to Vazquez, and from looking at her photography is her abiding love of animals, she says she grew up surrounded by them and goes on to say “It is in my blood….my family are incredible animal lovers, I grew up surrounded by all sorts of animals. They give back so much….” Vazquez has little time for those that don’t share her love and feels passionately about those that are abandoned by careless owners.

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